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  • Bermuda Lawn Care Tips

    When it comes to your lawn, you want a resilient blade that can withstand the heat of the Georgia summer. Bermuda grass is a tough variant of grass that thrives on small quantities of water and hot climates. While it is a lower-maintenance grass, it does still need to be cared for properly. Whether you hire a lawn company in Flowery Branch to tend your grass or do it on your own, following these tips is the best way to

  • Revive Your Lawn after a Hot Summer

    You’re not the only thing that might be a little bit scorched after a long summer in the sun. Your lawn has been under the hot rays of the season for months. Now with things starting to cool down, it’s time to revive your grass. Follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure that your lawn is healthy and happy following the hot weather of this past season. • Don’t cut your grass too short. While you might be tempted

  • How to Help Your Lawn during Summer

    Without proper care your lawn can get stressed in the summer heat, and if a stressed lawn is ignored, it can spell disaster. Here are some tips that we recommend to keep your lawn soft, green, and healthy throughout the difficult summer months. Water the right amount. Water is crucial to a healthy lawn, but over-watering can damage your turf just as under-watering can. Ideally, you should water your lawn deeply and infrequently. Frequent short watering times do not allow

  • What Keeps Your Lawn Lush and Green?

    Everybody wants a lush, green lawn, but what exactly does it take to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful? It’s more than just regular watering. Keep reading to learn a few tips about green lawn care in Flowery Branch so that you can have a beautiful lawn this summer. Watering Though it’s not the only requirement to have a lush, green lawn, watering is a very important part of keeping your grass healthy. How often you need to water will

  • Lawn Mowing Guide to a Healthy Lawn

    During the summer, your lawn sees a lot of action. Parties, barbecues, games—it’s important that your grass is green and soft. While watering is important, mowing your lawn correctly is the best way to ensure the health of your yard during the warm months. To help you get the most out of your grass, follow this quick mowing guide. Then, sit back and watch your lawn come to life. Less Grass, More Garden Don’t keep your blade at the lowest

  • Spruce up Your Yard with These Summer Landscaping Tips

    As summer fast approaches, you and your family will be spending more and more time outdoors. You want to enjoy your yard and feel like it’s a place you can go to relax. The best way to achieve this is to have great landscaping. If you are hoping to have beautiful landscaping this summer, we have a few tips we recommend to homeowners. Check Plants Make it a regular habit to walk around your yard specifically to take a close look

  • Summer Lawn Care Tips That Can Save You Money

    Located in the Gainesville, Georgia metropolitan area, Flowery Branch has a climate that is conducive to gardening year-round. However, those who have a lawn in Flowery Branch as well as those of us who run a lawn company in Flowery Branch know all too well that summer months can be challenging when it comes to maintaining a lawn when the temperatures average close to 90 degrees. We recommend a few cost savings tips as well as aneco-friendlier approach. Less Grass,

  • Things You Must Do for a Healthy Lawn This Summer

    Everybody wants a beautiful, green lawn in the summer. It not only makes your property look like a million bucks, but it’s great for kids and pets to play on. It’s amazing to walk on bare feet and find a nice, shady spot under a tree to sit and read a book. This is what summers were made for. Here are a few things that you need to knock off your lawn care checklist this summer. Aerate You need to breathe to

  • Monthly Lawn Care Maintenance Checklist

    Taking care of your lawn is a year-round job in Flowery Branch. The green thumbs at Magnolia Lawn Inc. have put together a comprehensive monthly lawn care maintenance checklist to help simplify your seasonal yard work. January Rake up dead leaves and add them to your compost bin. Trim back tree and shrub overgrowth to make room for new mulch and flora. These are prime areas for termites and rodents to nest. February Avoid excess foot traffic. Walking across your

  • Lawn Mowing Done Right

    As an experienced lawn mowing company in Flowery Branch, we know some of the best ways to mow a lawn to help it grow healthy and strong. In order to get the job done correctly, here are 6 tips we recommend using. Choose the Right Clothing When mowing the lawn, we recommend wearing long pants, closed-toed shoes with great traction, and a shirt tucked into one’s pants. Clothing shouldn’t be loose, and jewelry should be secured. Walk the Property Before starting

  • Lawn Care: Which Services Do You Need?

    When it comes to caring for your yard, there is plenty to be done. However, if you’re sick of spending your time pulling weeds and trimming hedges, it might be time to call in a professional lawn company. If you’re not sure exactly what services need to be hired out, though, here are a few questions to ask yourself: Know what your yard needs. The first step in determining which lawn services you need is figuring out what the needs

  • 5 Steps to a Beautiful Lawn

    Every homeowner strives to have that perfect green lawn, but few know all the tricks of how to actually accomplish it. At Magnolia Lawn Inc, it’s our goal for every home in Flowery Branch to have that beautiful lawn everyone dreams of. So here are 5 steps that will help you have that beautiful, lush, green grass in your own yard. Just keep in mind that yard care is a lot of work, so if you don’t have the time