4 Ways to Keep Your Grass Green

Mowing the lawn in Flowery BranchThere is always that one home in the neighborhood with a lawn that’s greener than everyone else’s. If you’re tired of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence, it’s time to do something about it. From hiring the best lawn care company in your area to lowering the blade on your mower, here are four ways you can have the greenest grass in the neighborhood.

  • Use a sharp blade at the right height. A sharp mower blade cuts grass evenly and cleanly, leaving it healthy. A dull blade shreds the grass, leaving it vulnerable to disease and damage. Keep a sharp blade at the right height for the season to ensure that your grass is as healthy as possible. During cooler seasons, use a 1½ inch cutting height. This removes the dead grass from the tips of the blades but still leaves enough length to allow sunlight and water to reach the roots. Gradually trim your grass shorter and shorter as the weather gets warmer. This cuts down on the amount of times you have to cut your grass each week and keeps it greener.

  • Water strategically. You may be tempted to water your grass for a few minutes every day. While it might seem effective, light sprinklings won’t get your grass the nutrients it needs. Instead, a few good soakings each week are all your grass needs to remain healthy. As a rule of thumb, your lawn needs 1 to 2 inches of water every 3 to 4 days. This keeps it resilient and green throughout the hot summer.
  • Use the right fertilizer at the right time. If you choose to fertilize your grass, make sure that you use an appropriate mixture for your lawn. The spring and fall are the best times to spread fertilizer on your grass. If you have questions about which mixture is right for your grass, consult with your local landscaping company.
  • Hire a professional. Keeping your grass green and lush is going to take time. If you don’t have the energy needed to trim and water your grass accordingly, consider hiring a professional company. These experts have the tools and equipment needed to keep your yard looking well-manicured all year long. With their help, you’ll have the greenest grass on the block without having to lift a finger.Fresh green grass

Achieving the perfect green lawn is possible. Whether you choose to care for your grass on your own or to hire green lawn care, by following these tips and tricks, your yard will leave your neighbors green with envy.