5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Lawn Care Service

A lawn care professional looks over his work.When preparing to hire a lawn company in the Gwinnett County area, the first things you’re probably looking at are the service costs and the business reputation. Both of these are important, of course; you need to be able to fit the service into your budget, and you want to make sure you’re going with a reputable company most likely to give you reliable, high-quality service. However, we have a few more factors for you to consider before making your final decision.

Your Wants and Needs

Different companies specialize in different areas. Some companies do not perform services at all. This means that you should come up with a list of tasks that you expect your lawn company to perform and then make sure that your candidates are up to the challenge.

Your Supplies

While making this list, it’s best to take into account tasks that you intend to complete yourself and to make a list of them as well. If you perform any lawn care yourself, keep in mind that you will need to own the right tools for the job. These tools will need to be kept in good condition for efficiency and safety reasons, and you will need enough space to store them. You will also need to know whether or not you have the skill to perform the job adequately.


Kids read on a well-cared for lawn.Not all companies perform lawn maintenance all year round. Other companies only do specific tasks during certain months instead of offering their full range of services. You will need to make sure you hire someone who can be available whenever you think you’ll need him.


Besides making sure your chosen company can do a decent job mowing, edging, fertilizing, mulching, and so on, you also need to make sure that they can sufficiently navigate around large obstacles like gazebos, and that they can carefully move smaller obstacles like lawn furniture. Pets and children can provide another sort of obstacle, so you should be sure that the company is responsible and courteous enough to avoid causing any harm. The company itself should also be comfortable around any pets that might be out in the yard.

Lawn Condition

If your lawn is in poor condition, you don’t necessarily need to be scared off by lawn services that give you a high price estimate. Always be sure to specify with any company what they want as their start-up fee for the initial process of getting your lawn under control and then what they plan to charge for routine maintenance.