Lawn Care Tips

Simple tips and tricks to ensure the beauty of your lawn all year-round.

Harnessing The Security of Landscape Lighting

     Landscape lighting is not just about enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space; it’s a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the security of your property. From deterring potential intruders to creating a safer environment for residents and guests, well-designed landscape lighting plays a crucial role in bolstering security.  Magnolia Lawn is equipped to […]

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Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween from Magnolia Lawn to you! Here’s some Fun Facts and Tips to hopefully help you enjoy your spooky day even more! Trick or Treating has evolved from a tradition called “souling”. It used to be customary for poor children to go door-to-door begging for food and money during the Celtic festival of Samhain.

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5 Organic Lawn Care Tips

If you already own an organic lawn or want to start one, you should know that these natural, poison-free gardens are excellent alternatives to traditional lawns. You, your property, and the whole environment will benefit from an organic lawn. Just keep in mind that caring for these lawns differs from ordinary yard care. Thankfully, there

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