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  • How to Avoid a Lawn Maintenance Scam

    Scams on home repair, remodeling, and lawn maintenance are a real threat to homeowners today. Recently in Kansas, a lawn care company scammed over $78,000 out of five elderly clients using high-pressure sales tactics and deliberate deception. There are several ways you can protect yourself from scam artists running cons as a lawn care business. Here are a few tips from the certified professionals at Magnolia Lawn. Word of Mouth Come springtime, your mailbox will be flooded with brochures and

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company

    So you want a beautiful lawn. Everyone does, but how do you achieve it? The truth is that it takes a great deal of work. Plants are delicate, and unless you want your yard to look like an abandoned property, you need to put the work into it to make it lush, green, neat, and impressive. Of course, you can also leave this work to professional lawn care in Flowery Branch. Any lawn care business from Flowery Branch can help

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Lawn Care Service

    When preparing to hire a lawn company in Flowery Branch, the first things you’re probably looking at are the service costs and the business reputation. Both of these are important, of course; you need to be able to fit the service into your budget, and you want to make sure you’re going with a reputable company most likely to give you reliable, high-quality service. However, we have a few more factors for you to consider before making your final decision.

  • 5 Tips to Choose the Best Lawn Care Service

    When looking for the best lawn care service in Flowery Branch, there are a number of very important things to consider. The property surrounding your home can really have a strong effect on how people view your house and more importantly, about how you feel about your home as well. When looking for someone to take care of your lawn and always do a great job, look for the following qualities. Good Reputation The first thing you should look for is

  • 3 Things to Consider While Selecting a Lawn Care Company

    When it comes to taking care of your lawn, you may find that you have less time than you want and that your yard is looking a little dirty. That would be okay if you weren’t going for green and a place that your family can enjoy on the weekends. At Magnolia Lawn, Inc., in Flowery Branch, we know how important it is to find the right lawn care professional to take care of your yard. Here are 3 things

  • 8 Tips to Reduce Total Lawn Maintenance Service Cost

    As a homeowner, saving money on all of the many services you need for your home and surrounding property. One of the ways that you can save money on home maintenance is through your lawn maintenance. There are many ways to save money on your lawn, even if you prefer to have it professionally maintained. Here are 5 good ideas to help you save a bundle on your lawn maintenance service. Start Composting There are lots of things you can

  • Lawn Care Maintenance Tips and Tricks

    Regardless of the size or type of lawn that you have, there are two important tasks that you need to master when it comes to proper lawn care maintenance in Flowery Branch. Those two tasks are mowing and watering. When it comes to lawn care, master these and just about everything else will fall into place. From time to time, you may consider one of the lawn maintenance services in Flowery Branch, but even then you should be knowledgeable about proper

  • 5 Organic Lawn Care Tips

    If you already own an organic lawn or want to start one, you should know that these natural, poison-free gardens are excellent alternatives to traditional lawns. You, your property, and the whole environment will benefit from an organic lawn. Just keep in mind that caring for these lawns differs from ordinary yard care. Thankfully, there is professional organic lawn care in Flowery Branch. Still, you should know a bit about how to provide everyday care. Here are 5 tips to

  • How to Choose the Best Lawn Maintenance Service

    There are many lawn care companies throughout the country and you can’t always judge these lawn care service companies by their appearance. After all, a company with a beat up old truck and equally beat up equipment might provide the best service, while that shiny new, professional looking truck may be filled with amateurs who have little real skill. How, then, do you evaluate a lawn care business before making a selection? It can be difficult to find a lawn maintenance

  • Types of Lawn Mowing Patterns

    If you’re tired of a boring lawn and want to give your grass a little bit of flair, one option you may want to consider is mowing so that your lawn displays different patterns. If you’ve ever admired the way the ballparks do it, you know what an effect it can make. Even better, if you don’t like the new look of your yard, it’s very easy to let the grass grow back how it was, or even to try

  • Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Guide for Beginners

    Whether your lawn is large or small, there’s a sense of pride that comes from having a well-manicured lawn. Not only does good lawn care maintenance in Flowery Branch help your lawn look beautiful, but it also ensures that your lawn is healthy and can withstand the negative effects of harsh weather, drought, pests, and disease. Here are a few things you should know about proper lawn maintenance. Mowing While it may seem that mowing is a very basic task

  • 5 Organic Lawn Care Tips

    Your lawn shouldn’t be the only thing going green this season. While many may opt for fertilizers and chemicals to get their grass growing, there are natural, green ways to achieve a lush lawn. Organic lawn care in Flowery Branch is a great way to cut down on the chemicals found in water and soil, allowing for a healthier environment and population. To get your grass healthy and thick without the use of chemicals, here are a few tips to