Landscape Lighting Tips

Types of Lights

The 3 most commonly used landscape lights are:

*Up lights (spot lights)

*Down lights

*Path lights

And they all have different uses.


Uses:Up lights are the type of landscape lights most commonly used to light and highlight the front of houses and attractive items such as ornamental trees and statuary.

Benefits:  Up lights beautify your home and featured items.  Ambient light from these landscape lights also helps to light sidewalks and driveways.  By illuminating window areas and entrances, spotlights also add security to your home.


Uses:  Down lights can be used in much the same way as up lights on buildings—to illuminate the walls and eliminate shadows.  They can also be used in areas where ground-based lights are impractical due to concrete or pedestrian or vehicular traffic.  These types of landscape lights can also be placed up in trees, creating a ‘moonlight’ effect in areas below.

BENEFITS:Down lights provide much the same benefits as up lights with the added features of moonlights.  They are also very useful for security purposes.


Uses:  Path lights should primarily be used where there is a change in either grade or texture in sidewalks and pathways.  Examples include steps, slopes, and transitions from concrete to gravel or grass.  Path lights unfortunately are often overused on driveways and walkways, giving the appearance of an airport runway.  Area lights (another use for path lights) are most commonly used to highlight small attractive areas such as flower areas.


OTHER EFFECTS:  Nite Time Décor by Magnolia Lawn also offers Décor Smart technology, providing you the ability to change the colors and effects of your lights to suit your tastes for events and holidays.  With our Décor Smart system we can create beauty and tranquility in your outdoor living areas.