Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

When it comes to yard work, few people think about the chemicals that are used on their lawns every time the gardener comes to visit. Even worse, there are people who do their own lawn care and know nothing about the side effects of chemicals used to fertilize, feed, and weed. At Magnolia Lawn, Inc., in Flowery Branch, we know that going organic is healthier for everyone involved, but there are some groups for whom it is especially important.

Your Pets

Pets are tiny and close to the ground. They run through the grass, marking their territory while also eating it. In fact, your pets probably use your yard more than anyone else in the house, especially if the outdoors is where they have learned to relieve themselves. Exposure to the chemicals that landscapers have used on your lawn can significantly decrease a pet’s lifespan while increasing the risks of certain types of cancer and other diseases.

Your Children

Children are a little more protected than pets. They spend less time on the grass. They can learn to stay off the grass. They wear clothes and aren’t as exposed to the chemicals. Still, children are smaller than adults, and even what would be considered low exposure in an adult can be damaging to a child. Children with compromised immune systems may be at further risk. Some chemicals may be bio-accumulators, which means that they will remain in the body for a long period of time. The accumulation of these types of chemicals can lead to severe health issues later in life.

The Chemicals

When World War II ended, there were a number of companies that made explosives that would have gone out of business if they couldn’t find a way to survive. Many fertilizers are now manufactured by these companies because the chemical properties of explosives are close to the chemical properties of fertilizers. It’s one of the reasons why buying large amounts of fertilizer will get noticed by government agencies.

Your Community

Organic lawn care removes harsh, man-made chemicals from the equation and only uses naturally occurring substances and methods to care for your lawn. That means less exposure for you and your family. It also means less exposure for the people who work on your lawn and for those who manufacture the lawn care products. In fact, using organic lawn care results in a better environment because it also minimizes the use of other petrochemicals. Going organic really just means that you have made the choice to go back to techniques that were used before the invention of modern-day chemicals.