First Time Homeowners: Best Lawn Maintenance Tips

Congratulations! You’re a homeowner. While you probably received a lot of advice on how to move, what types of materials were best, and how to set up house, you most likely haven’t received the same amount of advice about your yard. As a first time homeowner, it’s hard to know exactly where to start to get your landscaping looking beautiful and lush. To get your green thumb going, here are a few maintenance tips when first starting out.

  • Stressed LawnThere is a season for everything. Lawn care and yard work season can’t happen until the soil thaws completely. In fact, if you try to yard work before the ground unfreezes, you risk damaging the roots of your lawn and plants. Instead, wait until spring hits and the ground warms up. Then, you can aerate, mow, and trim to your hearts content.
  • Create a level canvas. If your yard is full of craters, it’s going to be difficult to mow your lawn evenly. Some areas may be scalped while others left unusually long. To fix indentations, fill in the areas or cut raised areas down.
  • Aerate yearly. Aeration involves poking hundreds of holes all over the surface of your lawn. This allows vitamins, water, and nutrients to seep into the roots of your grass and trigger new growth. The best time to aerate is usually in the fall, but it can also be done in the spring. It’s especially important to do this if you have Bermuda grass growing in your yard.
  • Stressed LawnTest your soil. Every three years or so, it’s a good idea to have your soil tested. This allows you to know which nutrients are in the dirt beneath your feet. This information makes it easier to control weeds, diseases, and insects. Plus, if your lawn is looking patchy, soil tests help to diagnose the problem and figure out a way to treat them.
  • Contact the professionals. One of the easiest ways to get your lawn looking beautiful is by calling a company that specializes in lawn care maintenance in Flowery Branch. These experts are able to visit your home, inspect your lawn, and recommend or perform a regimen that keeps your lawn green and healthy throughout the warm season.

Whether you choose to hire out your lawn maintenance services or do it on your own, it’s important to care for your lawn. Your yard is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. Improve your curb appeal and your pride in your home by caring for your lawn.