What Keeps Your Lawn Lush and Green?

Everybody wants a lush, green lawn, but what exactly does it take to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful? It’s more than just regular watering. Keep reading to learn a few tips about green lawn care in Flowery Branch so that you can have a beautiful lawn this summer.


Though it’s not the only requirement to have a lush, green lawn, watering is a very important part of keeping your grass healthy. How often you need to water will depend on a lot of factors–the time of year, the average daily temperature, the type of grass you have, etc. If you want to know just how much you need to water, you should look for a lawn care company in Flowery Branch that can come and do an assessment of your yard. They should be able to tell you how many times per week you need to water.


Mowing your lawn does more than just keeping your lawn looking neat and trimmed. It can actually be an important part of keeping the grass healthy. By mowing your lawn to the right lengths at the right times, you can encourage the grass roots to grow deeper and stronger, which will help it to remain healthy even during the heat of summer.


You should aerate your lawn once a year. Many people will overlook this element of yard care, but it can be a very important part of having a healthy, green lawn. Aerating allows oxygen to permeate the soil, improving the health of the grass by helping nutrients get to the roots. It is best to do this in the springtime, so put it on your calendar every year.


You should also occasionally apply fertilizer to your yard. You only need to do this a couple of times during the year; one good time to do it is immediately after aerating. By doing it at this time, you allow the fertilizer to go deeper into the soil, reaching the grass’s roots more quickly. Applying fertilizer regularly gives your grass a bit of a boost, helping it to grow more thickly and giving you a beautiful yard.

Insect and Fungus Control

Insects and fungi can infest your lawn if you’re not careful, so you need to keep an eye out for the signs of these kinds of infestations. If your lawn is turning brown despite doing all of the above tasks, then you may have a fungus or insect problem. Have a professional come out and take a look if you’re not sure. If you do have this type of problem, apply an appropriate insecticide or fungicide to deal with the problem quickly, before your lawn dies from the infestation.

Anyone can have a lush, green lawn with these green lawn care tips. If you need a hand with your yard, contact Magnolia Lawn Inc.