Types of Lawn Mowing Patterns

If you’re tired of a boring lawn and want to give your grass a little bit of flair, one option you may want to consider is mowing so that your lawn displays different patterns.

If you’ve ever admired the way the ballparks do it, you know what an effect it can make. Even better, if you don’t like the new look of your yard, it’s very easy to let the grass grow back how it was, or even to try a new pattern. Here we have some of the most common patterns for you to consider.

To get a basic striped pattern with dark and light stripes, you need to get the grass blades pointed in different directions. When you see dark stripes, the blades are pointed toward you and vice versa.

A good lawn mowing company should easily be able to accomplish this stripe effect with different stripe intensities. If you want your stripes more noticeable, the blades of grass need to be bent farther by pressing rollers harder into the grass, and your lawn company should have the tools to do just that.


Requiring slightly more planning than the stripes, your lawn can get a checkerboard pattern with a bit of work. If you do this, you will mow around the edges of the lawn first.

Then you will mow back and forth in one direction across the lawn. Then mow back and forth in the other direction.

For instance, if you were mowing back and forth along the long side of your lawn for the first round, you should be moving back and forth in the short direction during the second round. After you’re all done, you should mow the perimeter again to make it neat.


You can get diagonal, or criss-cross, patterns the same way you get checkerboard patterns, only at a diagonal angle in relation to your house. This can be a little trickier, since the guidelines aren’t as clear, but most mowing companies can manage it.

Other Options

There are less common patterns, and you’re only limited by your imagination. A good lawn mowing company will work with you to help you get the look you want. You may want to look around at other yards and see what catches your fancy.

Some more creative patterns include a giant spiral or a wavy striped pattern, both of which speak to the homeowner’s ability to have fun. If possible, try to enjoy the lawn maintenance process however you can.