Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter

Lawn care is one of those tasks that never comes to an end no matter the season. One of the biggest favors you can do for your yard is to properly prepare it for the winter months. The work you do during the fall can help your lawn come back full and green in the spring months. The following is a list of important lawn care tasks for you to do to get your lawn ready for the frozen temperatures of winter.

  • Aerate: Having professionals come and put small holes in your grass will help the water and fertilizer get down to the roots of the grass. This will improve the condition of the soil. Another benefit of good aeration is that it will make room for the grass to not get overcrowded, which can help you avoid many issues like mildew and mushrooms.
  • Fertilize: This is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn before the winter comes. As it sits dormant, it will still be able to take in the nutrients of the good fertilizer. Make sure to consult professionals so that you get the right kind of fertilizer and so you apply it in the best way possible.

  • Rake: You need to be very sure that you clear away all the debris from your yard before the first snowfall. If leaves, twigs, and garbage gets trapped under a blanket of snow and ice, that debris will break down and can cause a lot of frustrating issues with your grass. Before winter comes, make sure everything is cleared from your lawn.
  • Edge: Edging your yard well before the winter comes is a good way to set the tone for the coming spring. Letting it go into dormancy overgrown is not a good idea. This will allow the roots of the lawn to get settled in a way that you do not want. This will make the initial edging of the new year a lot more traumatizing for the grass that is needed. Edging it well before the winter will help you to avoid this problem.
  • Prune: Your lawn is not the only thing that needs care before the winter, and taking care of the trees and shrubs in your yard will actually help you avoid problems with your lawn. Get all the pruning and shaping done early so that no leaves or twigs are left to fall to the lawn and cause the aforementioned problems. This will also allow you to devote more time to the grass in the spring.