Tips for Mowing Your Lawn before Winter

Winter is not always easy on your grass, and this coming season is slated to be one of the most diverse seasons in a while. There will be a lot of different storm systems, and some strange ups and downs in the temperature. A professional lawn mowing company will tell you that there are some things you should do to prepare your lawn before the winter weather comes in earnest:

Make Sure There Is Moisture

One common misconception many lawn mowing companies hear is that your grass doesn’t need water over the winter. While this is a dormant season for your grass, it will still need moisture to survive. Snow can melt and provide what is needed, but if you go more than a week without some good precipitation, you will want to find a way so safely water the lawn.

Fertilize Correctly

There are a lot of products out there made for lawns, but not all of them will be right for your lawn. Make sure to find out what kind of grass you have and what kind of soil you have. This information will help you find the best fertilizer for your yard. This fertilizer needs to be properly placed at the last mowing of the season.

Mow until It Stops Growing

The calendar says it is winter, but that does not mean your grass is done growing. Each season will be a bit different. You need to continue to cut your grass at least weekly until it stops growing. A lack of growth over a week’s time will tell you that it is now dormant and ready to wait for spring. Failing to mow can cause some issues in the spring. You do not want the grass to be too long when it starts the dormant time period.

Keep Debris Clear

You do not want snow to fall on leaves, grass clippings, or other debris in your yard. This can trap items on top of the grass that will break down and cause issues with the grass. For many people, this is the cause of their lawn’s bare patches in the spring. Staying on top of raking leaves and picking up trash that might get blown into your yard is a great way to protect your grass and prepare it for winter.

Invest in Aeration

If there is a lawn care company near you, you may want to have professionals aerate your lawn before winter comes. The small holes placed in the grass will allow moisture to go deep and will offer more room for grass roots to move and grow.