Things You Must Do for a Healthy Lawn This Summer

Everybody wants a beautiful, green lawn in the summer. It not only makes your property look like a million bucks, but it’s great for kids and pets to play on. It’s amazing to walk on bare feet and find a nice, shady spot under a tree to sit and read a book. This is what summers were made for. Here are a few things that you need to knock off your lawn care checklist this summer.


You need to breathe to stay alive and so does your lawn. A lawn care business can come by once a year to aerate your lawn professionally. They’ll make sure that the entire area gets good aeration. Not only does this process give the roots a chance at some oxygen, it is also a chance for summer watering to get deeper into the soil and feed the grass roots. The deeper the roots are able to grow, the more resilient your grass will be against heat and drought.


Kill those weeds! Good lawn maintenance includes getting rid of unsightly weeds in your lawn. There are many varieties of weeds, so a professional spray ensures that each type of broadleaf weed, and even unwanted grasses, will be obliterated and kept from infiltrating your landscaping.


After eradicating the weeds from your yard, the next step in lawn maintenance is feeding your grass. Every grass type and soil has a specific feeding need. You could pick up a popular weed and feed from your local home improvement store and you’ll likely see some good outcomes. However, for the best results in attaining an immaculate lawn, you should hire a professional to come out and evaluate your soil and grass. This will help them determine a formula that best suits your lawn specifically for that time of year.


Water! Water! Water! Georgia sees its share of wet weather and humidity in the summertime, but it’s still important to get water on your lawn in order to keep it healthy and thriving. Be smart about watering, though. If the weather forecast calls for rain, turn off your sprinklers and let Mother Nature do her work. Don’t overwater because this can cause fungal growth and because warm, standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Lastly, check with your local water department to see if there are any restrictions on your watering, like when you can water or how long you can water.