Spruce up Your Yard with These Summer Landscaping Tips

As summer fast approaches, you and your family will be spending more and more time outdoors. You want to enjoy your yard and feel like it’s a place you can go to relax. The best way to achieve this is to have great landscaping. If you are hoping to have beautiful landscaping this summer, we have a few tips we recommend to homeowners.

Check Plants

Make it a regular habit to walk around your yard specifically to take a close look at your plants and trees. What you’re looking for is plants that look unhealthy or damaged in any way. Check trees for dead leaves or broken branches. Maybe your trees are shedding their leaves prematurely.

Make sure your yard is getting enough water. Fruit trees are especially susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases. If the fruit or branches look abnormal, you may need advice from a professional on how to care for them. As your perennial spring flowers come to the end of their season, cut off the tops or cut them down to ground level.

Mow and Edge Lawn

Perfectly manicured lawns are the envy of every neighbor. When we mow lawns, we usually go in a straight line across the longest length of the yard. In order to get beautiful cross pattern mow lines, we mow at a diagonal one way and then back the other way. This gives lawns a professional, high-end look.

It’s not enough to just mow the grass. It’s important to trim and edge around the perimeter to make the lawn look finished. The end result should look like cake in a pan.Home with Bushes

Add Color

Vibrant and colorful plants in the front and back yards are eye-catching. Planting annual flowers in your garden beds brings brightness and interest to your landscape. As you choose different flowers and shrubs, think about how the colors will look together.

Professional gardeners and landscapers can show you what plants will do well in your yard and enhance the features of your home.

Create Depth

Add bushes and trees to get some height in your yard. Much like adding in a colorful array of flowers, having plants of varying heights and textures makes your yard visually interesting.

If you don’t already have planting beds in your yard, perhaps you can consider putting one or more in around the outside of the house or in the middle of the yard. If you already have a smaller flowerbed, expanding it may give your yard a lot more depth and dimension.