See Our Checklist for Lawn Care!

See Our Checklist for Lawn Care_image1We know how important appropriate lawn care is during every month and every season of the year. Lawn care is not something that should only be taken care of during the summertime on sunny Saturdays. Review the following checklist for proper lawn maintenance whatever the time of year.


The springtime is when you need to dethatch your lawn. Thatch is a layer of stems and roots that sits near the surface of the soil and makes lawns more impervious to damage. Getting rid of the thatch once a year is important. But if it is overdone, your lawn will look great on top but be dead underneath. And when you mow the lawn that has been overthatched, you trim off the top part and expose the dead grass.


From mid-April to the end of May, weeds start cropping up in your lawn. If you use a weed and feed product on your lawn after this period, you can get rid of existing weeds and help prevent them from coming up as easily throughout the rest of the summer. Mowing and fertilizing the lawn regularly during the summer is also an important item to take care of regularly.


Your fall season to-do list needs to include aeration and weeding. Aeration prepares your lawn and your vegetation for winter by relieving it of compaction. It also allows the soil to take in more oxygen and water. Aeration also helps reduce the development of thatch. Because some weeds continue to grow throughout the fall, identifying the specific types of weeds you have and using the appropriate weed control products is your best choice.


Get your lawn situation under control and looking its best prior to the winter by applying the right fertilizer. Make sure to dethatch your entire lawn, especially in those areas that get frequent foot traffic. Failing to dethatch your lawn prior to the winter can create dead, brown spots in the spring.