Lawn Care Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Regardless of the size or type of lawn that you have, there are two important tasks that you need to master when it comes to proper lawn care maintenance. Those two tasks are mowing and watering. When it comes to lawn care, master these and just about everything else will fall into place. From time to time, you may consider one of the lawn maintenance services, but even then you should be knowledgeable about proper lawn care so that you can evaluate the quality of the services these companies offer. This is important because the level of quality from different lawn services can range from the very worst to the very best. So here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Irrespective of the kind of a lawn mower that you use, the most important thing you must do is keep your blades sharp. Not only will a dull blade tear up your grass, it will also make your lawn much more susceptible to disease. In addition, a sharp blade will save you time and energy while mowing, since dull blades do a poor job of cutting. A good rule of thumb is to sharpen your blades at least once a year and to discard worn out blades, particularly if they’re bent, worn, or rusted.

For your first few cuttings, be sure to keep your mower setting on low to allow the base of your lawn to get adequate sun, water, and nutrients. After that set your mower at the highest setting for your particular grass type, cutting only the top third of your grass blades. This will allow for deeper roots to develop rather than taller blades as well as protect your lawn during the hotter days of summer. Be sure your lawn is dry before mowing to avoid clogging your mower and smothering your lawn with clumps of grass. Always mow in a different direction each time to avoid compacting the soil and, when possible, leave grass clippings on your lawn to add nitrogen and other nutrients to your soil.



There may be no other factor more important in cultivating a healthy and beautiful lawn than proper watering. A good trick in determining the right amount of water is to place a tuna fish can in the area of your sprinkler. The rule to follow is to water only once a week and water deep, so a full can will ensure that your lawn gets an adequate amount of water each week. However, remember that sandy soils dry out fast, while clay soils don’t require as much watering because they hold their moisture longer. As for the time of day to water, the best time is the early morning because the sun will dry the grass, whereas watering in the evening will result in moisture remaining on the blades overnight, which will lead to fungus and diseases developing.