Flowering BranchesThere’s nothing as pretty as being outside in the spring and seeing all the pretty flowers blooming on branches throughout your garden. Nature has created a rainbow of pleasant, colorful sights to please. When you help things along by taking special care of these flowering branches, the visual pleasures can be even better. Lawn companies with flowery branch care and pruning experience will be able to make sure your springtime garden is blooming with delights. Magnolia Lawn, Inc. would like to share with you some tips on how the professionals care for flowering branches.

The Tree and Branches

As a general rule, main branches should be smaller than the trunk by at least 1/3. For broadleaf trees, pruning any higher from the bottom than 1/3 of the tree’s height is not advisable. Side branches that form “10 and 2 O’clock” angles to the tree trunk (similar to a safe steering wheel grip) should be encouraged. Your gardening professional will be able to deal with all of this for you and make your trees bloom with gorgeous flowers.

Branch Care

Start with pruning shears with curved blades, especially for young trees, and observe the following. First, be aware, the care for flowering branches with very large trees should be left to a professional arborist. Beyond that, using a pole pruner for higher branches is advisable.

If a collar has not been formed because the limb is very small, you’ll need to cut close to the trunk. Never leave a protruding stub. Cut outside of the branch bark and collar for larger branches. Look for buds that will grow in a desirable direction and make clean, sharp cuts at a slight angle just beyond the bud. Finally, when shortening a branch, cut at the lateral bud or lateral branch.

Leave It to the Professionals

So, make your garden the envy of the neighborhood by hiring professional lawn care services with flowery branch care know-how and green thumb professionalism. Let the professionals do the work while you enjoy the results.