After-Rain Lawn Care Tips

The changing of seasons can be stressful enough without having to worry about how a lawn is handling the constant beating of heavy rain. Spring can be especially tough on grassy areas as water accumulates and starts to cause concern.

We believe that knowledge is the best way to counter the stress that can come from weather changes and their effects. Some people do not know what to do after a rainstorm to best take care of their backyards, but that’s why we are here to help.

Here are 3 ways to care for a lawn after it rains.

Check for Growth

When excessive rain takes place during the months leading up to summer, it is important to make sure that no flooding is occurring and potentially damaging a lawn. Surprisingly, finding flood spots or dips in yards can be tough, but can be made easier if the individual knows what to look for.

Specifically, a person should look for areas where mushrooms are growing, which indicate standing and excess water. If found, make sure to pull all of the mushrooms completely out by the root to prevent spreading.

Also be sure to call a lawn service like Magnolia Lawn Inc. A trained service technician will be able to quickly and correctly identify any flooding problems and help set up a solution right away.

Wait It Out

One of the worst things that a person can do after it rains is mow his or her lawn. The wet grass causes quite a mess to clean up, not to mention irreplaceable damage to both equipment used and the lawn itself.

Cutting those breakable blades after a rainstorm causes them to weaken and have issues when growing back. The wet grass that is cut will also clump into sections of the lawn and, if not properly cleared, will result in patches of dead grass all over a backyard.

Cleaning up and fixing damage caused after mowing following a rainstorm is not worth the hassle. Wait a day or so for the lawn to dry before heading out with the mower.

Soak It In

The best thing someone can do for the lawn following a rainstorm is to let it be. Especially if the yard was recently treated with fertilizer, rain helps the grass to absorb and retain all of the good nutrients surrounding it.

It’s just like when a person moisturizes after taking a shower. The water helps to lock in all of the good stuff, and protect the internal structure of the grass for weeks to come.

It may be frustrating that Mother Nature seems to be dumping down rain for weeks on end, but remember that a person and his or her lawn can benefit. Always look for mushrooms and places of flooding following a rainstorm and be sure to call a lawn service for backup if problems arise, never mow wet grass, and be patient by letting the grass fully soak in the goodness of the rain.

If followed, these 3 tips will make a happy lawn for years to come!