5 Organic Lawn Care Tips

Fresh green grass in Flowery BranchIf you already own an organic lawn or want to start one, you should know that these natural, poison-free gardens are excellent alternatives to traditional lawns. You, your property, and the whole environment will benefit from an organic lawn.

Just keep in mind that caring for these lawns differs from ordinary yard care. Thankfully, there is professional organic lawn care in Flowery Branch. Still, you should know a bit about how to provide everyday care. Here are 5 tips to kick-start your transition to a clean and healthy organic lawn.

Organic Matter Is the Foundation

Every organic lawn begins with organic soil. Spreading compost at least once a year will keep your organic lawn healthy. Eggshells, carrot stems, coffee grounds, and other natural matter will feed the soil as they decompose. Grass clippings and organic, slow-release fertilizer will also help keep your grass green. You can make your own compost fertilizer or hire lawn care services in Flowery Branch to provide and distribute it throughout the lawn.

Plant Local, Healthy Plants

To avoid reliance on excess chemicals, plant trees, grasses, flowers, vines, and shrubbery that are native to the area. Native grass will be greener and grow healthier in these climate conditions. The best lawn care service in Flowery Branch will come with selection recommendations based on native plant life and the conditions of your property.

If you must get rid of unappealing weeds, use corn gluten meal as an eco-conscious alternative to dangerous poisons, or simply clip their germinating parts.

Respect Visitors

Not all bugs are bad! Did you know that only 2 percent of the insects in the average yard can actually be considered pests? Others are beneficial, and the ecosystem depends on them to be healthy. Do not spray damaging pesticides throughout your yard. Instead, let lawn care specialists identify and remove pests naturally. For example, plant-stunting aphids are a treat for ladybugs. Add ladybugs to your yard to eat them away.

Water with Care

Watering lawn in Flowery BranchWatering an organic garden less often actually deepens its roots, which promotes healthy growth! Imagine experiencing a healthy lawn and also saving water. Provide water to your yard in the morning and test the soil’s moisture levels often. Also keep in mind that organic matter will vastly improve your soil’s ability to hold water!

Mow with Care

Mowing is not as simple as sawing your grass in half. Any lawn mowing company in Flowery Branch will explain just how precise and skillful you must be, especially with an organic lawn. First of all, you should not mow the grass when it is wet. This will make the grass look uneven. Use a reel mower when possible because it does not bruise or tear grass–which encourages lawn disease—and be sure the blade is perfectly sharp. Also be sure to aerate the soil after mowing when necessary.

For best results, rely on professional organic lawn care. Their expert knowledge, experience, and lawn care services will ensure your organic lawn is in safe hands.